Our philosophy

Based on our experience in the field of well-being and nutrition, we have found that, very often, certain food supplements are ineffective due to their low dosage.

We have taken care to create high performing products, thanks to high dosages, intelligent and 100% safe formulations and combinations. The quest for well-being is essential and is acquired with respect for the body.

It is a question of balance between diet, lifestyle and knowledge. Yet life moves away from the notion of balance. Everything goes very quickly: eating, sleeping, working, loving...
Our supplements are made in France in an Iso 2020 laboratory. Our products do not contain alcohol or pork products.


To use all our energy to help you feel good every day.
The key to well-being is in fact the synergy between 5 "pillars" of our body.

Each of our food supplements meets quality and quantity requirements selected natural active ingredients.
We wanted to bring back the best of nature in adapted proposals for optimal efficiency.



Our body regenerates itself while we sleep. It is a specific moment when our body is mobilized and when it is possible to lose weight, fat, or even gain muscle. Sleep can therefore prove to be a slimming ally because it helps to regulate weight. When disturbed, it stores more than it eliminates. ghrelin (hunger hormone) increases and leptin (satiety hormone) decreases. So when you're sleep deprived, you eat more and you gain more weight. Good quality, long enough sleep also means longer growth hormone production, which helps burn fat and allows keep your body healthy. Sleep is an essential "Pillar", which should absolutely not be neglected.

Our formula for this pillar: SLEEP&ZEN



The liver is a vital organ that plays a key role in the human body. It fulfills more than 300 vital functions, and unfortunately is too often overlooked.
The liver is the body's factory, it is a true filter. It recovers and eliminates many toxins. These may be naturally present in the waste produced by our body, such as ammonia or in those we ingest (food, alcohol, etc.) In the event of excess, it will be clogged, and will be the first victim of all your toxins. It will have difficulty playing its role as a filter correctly.
The liver also helps the body digest fats through the secretion of bile. A veritable reservoir of vitamins (A D E K), it stores energy in the form of sugar that it makes available to our body. It would be impossible to feel good without taking care of your liver.

Our formula for this pillar: DETOX&SLIM


Metabolism is all the chemical reactions that take place in our body. It is essential for the maintenance of our vital functions.
The fall of our metabolism, can cause problems of overweight, low libido, lack of motivation and sometimes depression It is the thyroid gland which is responsible for increasing or decreasing the power of the metabolism, a a bit like a thermostat.
The higher our metabolism, the more energy we will burn, the more we will burn our fat reserves, the more our moods will be positive and our libido will be activated.

Metabolism determines how quickly and efficiently the body burns its calories. As we age we lose muscle and we also lose our ability to burn calories.

Our formula for this pillar: BURN&SLIM


When we eat, food undergoes a complex process that will allow the absorption of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins and minerals. This whole phenomenon is called "Digestion". If an element of this chain does not work properly, the impact on our good form can be very significant. Eating healthy is not enough, without good digestive health, no matter how good the food you eat, you will get little or no benefit from the nutrients provided by your diet.
Digestion is the principle of transformation and separation of food. It allows you to extract the good nutrients that will be used to produce energy.
When the digestive system is too weak, food is not converted adequately. It then leaves a toxic residue of undigested or partially digested food. This is deposited in weak areas of the physiology, stagnates and ferments there.
Most ailments begin with a failure of the digestive system and the accumulation of toxic residues. A well-functioning digestive system is the key to health and well-being.

Our formula for this pillar: DIGEST&SLIM


Hormones control many functions including growth, reproduction, sexual function, sleep, weight, hunger, mood, and metabolism. Levels of most hormones decrease with age and at cause of endocrine disruptors (manufactured products from the agro-chemical industry, such as pesticides, phthalates, bisphenol, parabens…)

In women: the decline in estrogen levels lead to menopause.

In men: testosterone levels usually decline gradually. Decreased levels of growth hormone can lead to decreased muscle mass and strength.

Our formula for this pillar: ENERGY&PERF


We have just explained our 5 pillars in a simple way. To optimize your general well-being, it is important to understand that these 5 pillars work and act in synergy and that they must all be taken into account.

Each of our food supplements meets the quality and quantity of natural active ingredients, selected. We wanted to give you the best of nature in suitable proposals for optimal efficiency.

Our supplements are made in France. Our products do not contain alcohol or pork products.