The quest for well-being

Based on our experience in the field of well-being and nutrition, we have found that very often certain food supplements are ineffective due to their low dosage.

our history

With our experience in the field of well-being and nutrition,

We have found that quite often certain food supplements are ineffective due to their low dosage. This has driven us to deepen our research and work with experts to develop innovative and effective solutions.

We have taken care to create high-performance products, thanks to high dosages, formulations and intelligent combinations. We have carefully studied the interactions between ingredients, the best extraction methods and the most advanced manufacturing processes to ensure optimal efficiency.

our 5 pillars

The sleep

The major asset to all your slimming steps

Our body regenerates itself while we sleep. It is a specific moment when our body is mobilized and when it is possible to lose weight, fat, or even gain muscle. Sleep can therefore prove to be a slimming ally because it helps to regulate weight. When disturbed, it stores more than it eliminates. Ghrelin (hunger hormone) increases and leptin (satiety hormone) decreases.

So when you lack sleep, you eat more and you gain more weight. A good quality and sufficiently long sleep is also synonymous with a longer production of growth hormones, which helps burn fat and allows keep your body healthy. Sleep is a capital "Pillar", which absolutely must not be neglected.

Transparency & traceability

Ingredient traceability starts with suppliers
  1. At Tryvite, we place great importance on the traceability of the ingredients we use in our products, and this starts with the selection of our suppliers.
  2. We work closely with trusted suppliers who share our values ​​of quality, ethics and transparency, to ensure the highest quality ingredients for our customers.
  3. Every ingredient used in our dietary supplements is rigorously checked and traced from its source, so as to provide our customers with a safe and reliable experience, with complete confidence.

Our supplements are made in France in an ISO 2020 laboratory.

Our mission :

Our mission is to use all our energy to help you feel good every day. We are committed to providing you with natural and scientifically proven solutions to achieve your health and wellness goals. With a team of experts passionate about their profession, we offer you the highest quality products, while offering you personalized support to adopt healthy and sustainable habits. We are also committed to protecting our planet by adopting sustainable practices. In summary, our brand is distinguished by the quality of our food supplements, our scientific rigor, our commitment to your well-being and our planet.