#55 Appetite suppressant

Appetite suppressant formula
  • ✅ Reduces feelings of hunger.

  • ✅ Controls sugar cravings.

  • ✅ Promotes healthy and lasting weight loss.

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Have you ever wished you had a natural ally to help you resist thesnacking cravingsthroughout the day? DiscoverHunger suppressant from TRYVITE,an all-natural formula specially designed to help youcontrol your appetite and promote healthy and lasting weight loss.

The key to the success of this formula lies in the strategic use of three powerful ingredients:glucomannan, garcinia extract and nopal extract.These components work in synergy to effectively reduce your feeling of hunger,curb your sugar cravings and facilitate slimming.

Glucomannan, from the rhizome of the konjac plant, is a soluble fiber that has the unique ability to absorb water and form a gel in the stomach. This voluminous gel helps you feel fuller for longer,thereby reducing your desire to eat between meals.

Garcinia extract, on the other hand, has been traditionally used for its abilityto help reduce appetite and support weight loss. It contains hydroxycitric acid, a substance which is known tohelp control sugar cravings.

Finally, the extract fromnopaloffers a rich source of fiber and essential vitamins. He is recognized forhelp regulate appetite, thus supporting your journeyweight loss and slimming.

Together, these ingredients create a powerful formula that can help you achieve your weight loss goals naturally and without unwanted side effects. With Appetite Suppressant,manage your appetite and lose weightcan become an easier-to-achieve reality.

The main 100% natural active ingredients

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Sylvie Toussaint
Produit minceur

Bon produit pas d effets secondaires. Reste un peu cher

Marie-jo Marti

Excellent, j’attends pour les résultats sur quelques semaines

Incroyable !!!

Effets immédiats !!!
Le meilleur coupe faim , je l utilise depuis une semaine associé à des repas équilibrés , je me sens déjà bien plus légère ces gélules m aide à contrôler les quantités lors de mes repas et m’évite les grignotages le tout avec beaucoup plus d énergie en prime et sans effets secondaire je suis ravie et le recommande !!!

georgina stefani
Brûleur de graisse

Excellent produit


Il correspond exactement à ce que j attendais un bon coupe faim

Why choose Tryvite?

  • Products proudly made in France , in a laboratory that meets the strict standards of ISO 2020 certification

  • Our products naturally combine well-being and health , thanks to compositions rich in plants, vitamins and minerals.

  • Our formulas, innovative and highly dosed , ensure optimal efficiency, for visible and lasting results .

Revolutionize your well-being with nature

At Tryvite, we are driven by an unwavering passion to transform everyday life through well-being and nutrition, offering you a revolutionary range of natural food supplements.

Drawing on our experience and guided by scientific rigor, we have developed solutions based on plants, vitamins, and minerals , designed to target the very foundations of your health: weight loss, physical performance, sports, and masculine, sleep, liver, metabolism, digestion, and hormonal balance. Our products are the result of a relentless quest for effectiveness , thanks to precise dosages and innovative formulations, ensuring perfect synergy between the ingredients.


Appetite Suppressant is a food supplement based on natural ingredients and is generally well tolerated.

Results may vary depending on each individual, their metabolism and diet. In general, one can expect to experience a reduction in appetite and snacking urges after a few days of regular use.

It is not recommended to take Appetite Suppressant or any other food supplement intended for weight loss during pregnancy or breastfeeding without the advice of a health professional.

Coupe Faim stands out for its natural formula based on glucomannan, garcinia extract and nopal extract. These ingredients have been carefully selected for their ability to reduce appetite and promote weight loss without causing unwanted side effects.

Yes, Coupe Faim can be combined with other slimming supplements to boost your results. Burn&Slim, Detox&Slim and Burn&Cut can complement the action of Appetite Suppressant by stimulating your metabolism, helping to detoxify your body and promoting fat burning. However, we always advise you to consult a healthcare professional before starting a new combination of supplements.