#55 Burn & Cut

Fat burner: Appetite suppressant
  • ✅ Suitable for people with a less active lifestyle.

  • ✅ Facilitates optimal weight loss by promoting fat burning.

  • ✅ High dose appetite suppressant to reduce sweet cravings and snacking.

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Made in France in Tarn-et-Garonne

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ISO 22000

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THEBurn & Cutis a weight management solution specially formulated to support your weight loss journey.weightlossand help you achieve your goals. This advanced formula is a perfect blend of natural ingredients designed toboost metabolism,burn fat and reduce cravings and snacking, making your weight loss journey easier and more effective.

At the top of the ingredients,green coffee seed extractand the powder ofCola nutshave been carefully selected for their abilities to boost metabolism, thus promoting more efficient fat burning. They help convert stored fat into energy, allowing you to lose weight while maintaining a consistent energy level throughout the day.

THEBurn & Cutalso contains a high dosage of extract ofGarcinia fruit, a natural appetite suppressantrecognized for its ability toreduce sweet cravings and snacking. By helping to control your appetite, Garcinia plays a crucial role in reducing daily calorie intake, a key step in any weight loss journey.

Added to this, the extract fromnopal cladodeis renowned for its digestion-supporting properties. It promotes healthy digestion, helping toeliminate toxins from the body, which can improve the body's ability toburn fat.

In addition, a rangevitamins and mineralssuch as vitamin B3, zinc, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, chromium and vitamin B12 are integrated into the formula to support general well-being and daily energy.

THEBurn & Cutis an ideal choice for those looking for a weight management solution suited to a less active lifestyle. With its high dosage of appetite suppressants and effective fat-burning ingredients, Burn & Cut is the ideal partner to support your weight loss efforts and help you achieve your goals.

The main 100% natural active ingredients

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#55 Burn & Cut


#55 Burn & Cut

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Aide efficacement a ne pas prendre de poids, par contre une alimentation équilibrée et réduite ainsi que la pratique d'un sport est essentiel pour perdre du poids. ce n'est pas magique

Why choose Tryvite?

  • Products proudly made in France , in a laboratory that meets the strict standards of ISO 2020 certification

  • Our products naturally combine well-being and health , thanks to compositions rich in plants, vitamins and minerals.

  • Our formulas, innovative and highly dosed , ensure optimal efficiency, for visible and lasting results .

Revolutionize your well-being with nature

At Tryvite, we are driven by an unwavering passion to transform everyday life through well-being and nutrition, offering you a revolutionary range of natural food supplements.

Drawing on our experience and guided by scientific rigor, we have developed solutions based on plants, vitamins, and minerals , designed to target the very foundations of your health: weight loss, physical performance, sports, and masculine, sleep, liver, metabolism, digestion, and hormonal balance. Our products are the result of a relentless quest for effectiveness , thanks to precise dosages and innovative formulations, ensuring perfect synergy between the ingredients.


Yes, since Burn&Cut is a natural product based on plants, vitamins and minerals, it can be consumed all year round without interruption.

Yes, Burn&Cut can be combined with other TRYVITE products to optimize your results. We suggest you combine Burn&Cut with Detox&Slim and the Appetite Suppressant for enhanced action.

Both Burn&Cut and Burn&Slim have a fat-burning action, but they are suitable for different profiles. Burn&Slim is formulated for active and sporty people, thanks to its energizing action. Burn&Cut, on the other hand, with its higher appetite suppressant dosage, is suitable for less active people looking to control their cravings and snacking. Everyone can therefore find the product that suits them best according to their lifestyle and goals.