#33 Detox & Slim

Slimming detox formula
  • ✅ Promotes weight loss and slimming.

  • ✅ Appetite suppressant: Effectively reduces appetite and sweet cravings, limits snacking.

  • ✅ Activates natural drainage, fights against water retention.

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Made in France in Tarn-et-Garonne

Certified product
ISO 22000

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Detox&Slimis designed specifically to help those looking tolosing weightthanks to a system ofnatural detoxificationand intelligent control ofappetite. This integrated formula addresses multiple facets of weight loss to achieve effective results.

The first step in a successful weight loss process is often detoxification. This primordial phase allows your body toget rid of accumulated toxins, thus optimizing the functioning of your organs and your metabolism. WithDetox&Slim, this detoxification is supported by natural ingredients such asartichoke and dandelion, which are renowned for their propertiesdiuretics and detoxifiers. They help the body eliminate toxins andto cleanse the body effectively.

When it comes to weight loss,appetite managementis an essential component. Uncontrollable cravings or snacking can hinder your efforts to achieve your goals. This is why Detox&Slim includes nopal, an ingredient known for its appetite suppressant effect.The nopalincreasethe feeling of satiety, thus reducingcravings to snackand helping to control your calorie intake.

In addition to detoxification and appetite management, Detox&Slimalso promotes fat burning. Ingredients such asgreen tea and mateare recognized for their ability toboost metabolismand to promote thermogenesis, thus increasing the body's energy expenditure.

Finally,Detox&Slim is enriched with vitaminsB3, B6, B9 and minerals such as zinc and chromium. These essential nutrients contribute to the proper functioning of energy metabolism,promote the reduction of fatigue and support the immune system.

In summary, Detox&Slim is a complete formula that effectively supports you in your weight loss process. Thanks to hisdetoxifying action, its appetite suppressant effecteffective and its support for fat burning, Detox&Slim is your ideal partner to get you closer to your weight loss goals.

The main 100% natural active ingredients

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Why choose Tryvite?

  • Products proudly made in France , in a laboratory that meets the strict standards of ISO 2020 certification

  • Our products naturally combine well-being and health , thanks to compositions rich in plants, vitamins and minerals.

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Revolutionize your well-being with nature

At Tryvite, we are driven by an unwavering passion to transform everyday life through well-being and nutrition, offering you a revolutionary range of natural food supplements.

Drawing on our experience and guided by scientific rigor, we have developed solutions based on plants, vitamins, and minerals , designed to target the very foundations of your health: weight loss, physical performance, sports, and masculine, sleep, liver, metabolism, digestion, and hormonal balance. Our products are the result of a relentless quest for effectiveness , thanks to precise dosages and innovative formulations, ensuring perfect synergy between the ingredients.


Results may vary from one person to another, but we recommend a 2-month treatment to stabilize the results and fully benefit from the effects of DETOX&SLIM.

To optimize your weight loss, we recommend combining BURN&SLIM with DETOX&SLIM. Take 4 capsules of Burn&Slim in the morning with breakfast and 4 capsules of Detox&Slim at the end of the day, 1 to 2 hours before your dinner to benefit from the appetite suppressant effect of Detox.

DETOX&SLIM is a natural food supplement. However, for recommendations specific to your situation, please see the “Recommendations” section on our site.

Yes, DETOX&SLIM is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It is made from vegetable capsules and does not contain any animal products.

Yes, DETOX&SLIM is based on plants, vitamins and minerals, it can be taken throughout the year to support your general well-being.

DETOX&SLIM is a French brand and all our products, including the DETOX&SLIM slimming food supplement, are made in France.