<span>Perdre du poids après</span> le confinement

Lose weight after confinement

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The confinement, despite its health necessity, was for a large part of the population a heavy and restrictive psychological and physical ordeal.

Apart from the people who continued to work to care for us, supply us with food, etc. many of us went from nothing to everything, or rather from nothing to nothing:

No more work, no more sport, forced to stay in the cloister at home, sometimes far from our families, with the possibility of going out for 1 hour a day to walk or run around our block or go out to do grocery shopping. first necessities.

We have become totally sedentary.

Furthermore, we weren't all confined in the same conditions, we didn't all benefit from the same living space (there's a world between being confined in a small apartment or in a big, beautiful house), and therefore in some cases, it was unthinkable or even impossible to consider doing sports for lack of space.

The desire to play sports, even for the most athletic, was less there, motivation was often difficult to find, playing sports in front of your TV or in front of your computer, with the children who challenge us all the two minutes was not obvious.

Very often, we managed to motivate ourselves the first few days, then we quickly abdicated, preferring, consciously or not, to let our bodies rest.

In summary, for the majority of us, confinement rhymed with rest, Netflix, naps, tidying up the house, cooking and enjoying small dishes and pastries that we did not usually have time to prepare, take aperitifs in Facetime with friends, playing the school teacher or the mistress and ensuring the considerable ton of homework given to our dear children.

Furthermore, for many, loneliness or isolation led to cravings and cravings for sugars, it gave them a sense of well-being, comfort and consolation.

Consequently, this sedentary lifestyle, caused for a large part of the population, an average weight gain of 2.5 kilos, the media spoke about it during the first week of deconfinement.

So far nothing alarming, consider that this confinement will have been a break, a vacation, for our body, but now it's time to "take the bull by the horns" and put your bodysuit back on the right track .

What are the tips, the tricks that we could apply, to lose weight and try to find a summer body, worthy of the name, hoping that we can show it off on the beaches or by the swimming pools.

Many say to themselves, come on, let's go on a diet, I have to get myself together, but many will tell you, a dry and radical diet is not often the right solution for losing weight. an effective and sustainable way.

Drastic diets to lose weight can have serious health consequences: slow metabolism, nutritional deficiencies or even psychological disorders because you will deprive yourself of everything, you will only eat two lettuce leaves at lunch, but very often these diets can not last in time, because very quickly, our body reminds us to order and makes us understand that it lacks many things.

Diets tend to lower your basal metabolic rate (the amount of energy we expend at rest), you'll feel low on energy, irritable and you'll just stop on a whim, and there unfortunately , it's the yoyo effect

You will gain more weight than you started, and the many frustrations you have inflicted on yourself for days will have led to nothing.

Result, you will end up at the starting point with extra pounds, and you lose all the efforts you have made to lose weight

So what are the solutions to adopt to put our body back on track for good health? How to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way after deconfinement

We could clearly define two simple steps:

1 ST STEP: A food rebalancing with a good detox

The abuse of aperitifs, pastries and richer cuisine than usual require you to detoxify your body.

Why not try for the bravest among you, if you've never done intermittent fasting, which consists of not eating for 16 hours between your evening meal and the next day's meal.

You can do it differently, but it's easier to do it at night, the hunger is less felt than if you fast during the day, it's up to you to see after what seems to be the easiest .

You can do it for a week at first, and if it seems too hard, you can do it once a week on a fixed day of the week.

We do a Detox by favoring healthy foods, see our blog on detox

Why not also get a little boost with the food supplement DETOX&SLIM which will speed up the detoxification process and which, in addition, will help you control your appetite with nopal, and reduce your cravings for snacking .

STAGE 2: Increase your metabolism with regular physical activity

-The practice of a "REGULAR" sports activity is essential and complementary to any diet, if you really want to lose fat.

Indeed, regular physical activity will increase your basic metabolism!

When you exercise, you burn carbohydrates and fats.

We advise you to choose an activity that you like to do, so that you have fun and do not get bored.

Why not share this, with one or more friends, with your children, parents, spouses, dog etc...

Think and go for it.

If you need a little boost, the Burn&Slim supplement contains ingredients that will increase your basal metabolism: combined with sports activity, your chances of weight loss will be increased

  • If you don't like sports, you can also exert yourself in your activities of daily living.

And yes, you may not know this, but doing your daily chores can temporarily increase your metabolism.

You can spend energy doing your housework, your shopping, your gardening, your DIY, washing your car, so why not combine usefulness with your health and well-being?

Avoid the elevator, and take the stairs.

Simple daily actions can really help you feel better about your body and help you achieve the goal you have set for yourself.

Here, you now have a few cards in hand to get rid of your few superfluous kilos, now it's up to you!


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